Your Place For Golf Wear With Lace

Tired of Traditional Golf Wear only. 


Do you want to wear something that calls you from the closet?  Glace says “Wear Me”


Try our line of Glace-Golf with Lace- on the Driving Range, wear it with your Foursome, go Practice in it, wear it while you watch Golf on TV.  Enjoy the feel of it.




 Gloves Hats   Dress 1 Dress 2
Eyewear Shoes      

Let Glace inspire you to want to Practice

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Our Products come with Detachable Lace Collars to add to Your Glace Look.


Want to feel your Glace Skirt Dance around you while you Swing?


Our Clothing line is designed to move with you and express the beauty of your golf swing.  Feel like a Dancer when you move in our Glace Golf Dresses.


Glace features Add-on Collars, Crop tops to wear over your athletic shirts, Golf Dresses, Golf Skirts, Club Protectors, Hats, Golf Shoe Lace-ups, Lace Sleeves, UnderSkirt Wear, Separates, (Tops and Skirts).


Choose from an assortment of Glace UnderSkirt Wear.  We offer different lengths of Glace UnderSkirt Wear,  Chose from a 3” inseam to Capri length.  Decide if you want ½” Glace Trim or up to 1/5” Glace Trim.  Chose your color of lace trim---black, white, etc.


“A Touch of Glace” makes Golf more fun.


Give Glace collars to your team-mates.


Our Signature Glace Dress:  Comes in 4 Different Colors:  Black with Pink Trim, Grey with Black Trim, White with Blue Trim and Pink with White Trim.


Coordinated Underskirt Wear is in Matching colors with Coordinated Lace Trim.


All Products are Machine washable, gentle cycle, mild soap, hang to dry.